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Karen Yank Monumental Sculpture at CNM

This May, Karen Yank is installing a monumental sculpture work at the Main 
Campus of CNM in Albuquerque. Wrapping up a two-year effort, the last
cuts and welds were made in situ with the help of a large crane and lift,
and some very talented assistants.

The work, "Growing Strength," stands over 20 feet tall, and reflects some 
of the color, flora and simultaneously adds to the crisp geometry of the site.
23 May 2017


Raphaelle Goethals at the Morris Graves Museum of Art
Kudos to Raphaelle on her solo at the Morris Graves Museum of Art 
in Eureka, California.  About the exhibition, the museum says "Discreet 
references to art historical antecedents such as the romantic sublime 
of J.M.W Turner or the moody formalism of Motherwell whisper from 
behind her complex translucent painted veils. Luring the viewer into 
a space of contemplation, her work evokes childhood experiences of 
gazing through frozen layers of ice into spaces that are both imaginative 
and hauntingly memorable."

12 May 2017


Fausto Fernandez at the McNay Art Museum

The inspiration behind To See Is to Have: Navigating Today's Art Ecosystem
is to make private art public, and to share with every member of our community 
selections from the diverse collections of members of the McNay Contemporary 
Collectors Forum (MCCF). The artworks on view open doors to new worlds of 
discovery, and have been selected from the personal collections of the members 
of MCCF, who dedicate themselves to learning about, engaging with, and collecting 
contemporary art. 

Accompanied by an illustrated gallery guide that attempts to break down the 
barriers to collecting art, To See Is to Have: Navigating Today's Art Ecosystem 
encourages and emboldens visitors to embark on their own journeys of discovery 
of contemporary art.
1 May 2017


Scott Greene at the Las Cruces Museum of Art

On the heels of his exhibitions at the New Mexico Museum of Art and 516 
Arts, Scott Greene's paintings will be featured in an exhibition at the Las 
Cruces Museum of ArtKeiko Ohnuma writes that Greene's paintings "seem 
to announce that Romanticism never died out in America, but still animates our 
hopes and dreams as it continuously reappears as the driving spirit of the counter-
culture...the undying Romantic will still remain standing with his illusionistic bag 
of tricks, brimming with hope and sadness, documenting it all as beauty."
Don't miss this opportunity to see this quasi-retrospective of Greene's finest paintings at the Las Cruces Museum of Art from May 6 through July 16, 2017.
28 April 2017


Hung Liu at the University of Wyoming Art Museum

Hung Liu: American Exodus presents new work by Hung Liu (Chinese, b. 1948) 
that are inspired by the Dust Bowl era photographs of American documentary 
photographer Dorothea Lange (American, 1895-1965). 

In American Exodus, Liu draws her attention to Lange's Great Depression images 
made under the Farm Security Administration and archived at the Oakland Museum 
of California. Lange's intimate and compassionate depiction of Americans in distress 
in the Great Plains during the 1930s and 1940s resonated with Liu. In her earlier 
work, Liu explored the struggles of the people in her own country of China who were 
displaced by political or natural forces. It is here that Liu's work with Lange's photos 
converge in an exploration of the universality of human dignity and strength.
26 April 2017


Nina Tichava at the Art of Home Tour 25-26 February 2017
Come see Nina Tichava's work at Turner Carroll any day of the week, and 
the Art of Home Tour at 3a Calle Arbusto in Las Campanas, Santa Fe.  
The home was designed and built by Palo Santo Designs, and features
Nina's work in the context of brilliant contemporary simplicity.  The home
is open 25-26 February from 12 to 4pm.

The tour is a function of ArtSmart New Mexico, a non-profit organization
teaching art, literacy and life skills to New Mexico kids.  To date more than 
$4,000,000 has been raised and given away to support the cause.

A link to the event is here.

14 February 2017


Fausto Fernandez Wins Big Burbank Airport Commission

The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport will install six large-scale works
by Turner Carroll artist Fausto Fernandez.  The Burbank Arts in Public Places
chose Fausto from a long list of artists to create the works for the new 
Transporation Center at the airport.  Fausto is no stanger to large-scale
public artworks.  The East Rancho Dominguez Community Center (image 
on right) in Compton, California and the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport each 
boast works by Fausto.

A link to the article is here.
9 February 2017


Jamie Brunson at the San Jose Museum of Art
Jamie Brunson is featured in a new exhibition at SJMA titled Your Mind, This
Moment: Art and the Practice of Attention.  This really interesting show is 
referred to by the curators as an experiment.  From the museum's web page
We offer the following: "Fifteen seconds. That's the length of time the average 
museum visitor spends in front of a work of art—much of it reading the wall 
label.  Even the Mona Lisa commands only fifteen seconds of attention. That's 
half the time we wait for an iPad or smartphone to power on...Your Mind, This 
Moment: Art and the practice of Attention presents works of art as objects of 
meditation.  With input from an advisory group of artists who are also meditators, 
the gallery will be designed as an intimate space that encourages quietude."

A link to the exhibition is here.

7 February 2017


Hung Liu Scales of History at Fresno Art Museum Extended to 28 April 2017

This exciting exhibition features Hung's most recent work inspired by the time
and images of the American Dust Bowl, as well as a thoughtful presentation
of her work from the 1990s and 2000s, and even earlier works from the 
mid-1970s.  These earliest paintings are small works of oil on paper, painted
sub-rosa as they do not represent authorized images of immediately pre-
Cultural Revolution China.  Hung refers to the series as her Secret Freedom
paintings; a terrible irony as the subject of most of these paintings is the
beauty of the countryside, devoid of people.
23 January 2017


John Berger 1926-2017

Twenty years ago I spent one of the most memorable days of my life in the
company of John Berger.  On a trip to Paris to visit my dear friend, filmmaker 
Rodrigo Dorfman, we decided to meet Mr. Berger, and tramped off to find
him.  Some hours later we were warmly ushered in to his cozy house in the
Paris suburbs.  When I was a university student we read and studied his seminal 
work, Ways of Seeing.  As a relatively newly-minted art dealer, to meet the author 
sent me over the moon.  We did not talk about art history for long, however.  
The extraordinarily kind John Berger wanted to know all about my friend and me, 
and after some number of bottles of wine I opened up with a torrent of tears 
about the death of my mother.  Hours later Rodrigo and I poured ourselves onto 
the street wide-eyed and ready to devour the world.  For me as a young man at 
the beginning of his life's work, to meet Mr. Berger, the man, sent me to the stars.

3 January 2017


Nina Tichava in KS Arts Marketing "Artist Spotlight" 

Kelly Skeen wrote up a great piece on Turner Carroll's newest artist, Nina Tichava. 
Kelly uses extensive quotes from Nina to tell a very personal story of Nina's journey 
from a small town in northern New Mexico, to her life as an artist.  Expoure to Native 
and Hispanic culture and art helped shape Nina's visual language, the intense 
handwork and geometries of craft being foremost.  Please come by to see Nina's 
new work in the gallery.  Thank you Kelly!

A link to the feature is here.
16 December 2016



We've curated a special selection of artworks for you to choose from, and for the first time, you can purchase them online directly from this catalog. Thank you for being part of our gallery holiday season for the last 25 years.
Here's to the next 25 years of exploring art together!
30 November 2016


Symbol Pleasures in Visual Art Source 

Orlando Leyba, Walter Robinson and Squeak Carnwath: Symbol Pleasures was written 
up as a recommendation by the most excellent Jon Carver as a recommendation in the 
15 October 2016 edition of Visual Art Source.  "Make my funk the P-Funk..."

A link to the feature in VAS is here.
15 October 2016


Hung Liu at the American University Museum, Katzen Center

Hung Liu: Daughter of China, Resident Alien runs 6 September through 23 
October at the American University Museum in Washington, DC.   Curated 
for American University's Katzen Center for the Arts by eminent art historian 
Peter Selz and his collaborator Sue Kubly, "Hung Liu: Daughter of China, 
Resident Alien" is timed to coincide with the quadrennial frenzy. As this long
(and bizarre) campaign season reaches its climax, Liu has chosen to reflect 
upon two themes--refugees and heroines--that, while politically topical, are 
also deeply woven into her experience as a Chinese émigré, as an American 
citizen, and as a woman.

A link to the show on the museum website is here.

6 September 2016


Hung Liu at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 

Head up to the seventh floor of SFMoMA where you can see some of the Museum's newest
acquisitions.  As a part fo the SFMoMA's Campaign for Art, Hung Liu's painting "The Botanist" 
hangs with other recent acquisitions including works by Donald Judd, Nam June Paik, 
Michaël Borremans, Lee Krasner and Diane Arbus.
2 August 2016


Willy Bo Richardson and Turner Carroll featured in Virtuoso Life 

Award-winning travel magazine Virtuoso Life's July 2016 issue featured a
really great article on Santa Fe, which, till now anyway, was surprisingly 
hard to get right.  Highlighted in the article is Turner Carroll artist Willy Bo 
Richardson, and Turner Carroll Gallery. Also highlighted are Turner Carroll
favorites Meow Wolf and Joseph's Culinary Pub.  Many thanks!
A link to the Virtuoso Life article is here.

photo by Jen Judge

19 July 2016


Fausto Fernandez Featured on ZoneZero Labs Website

A part of the Fundación Pedro Meyer, ZoneZero Labs chose to feature Fausto's 
work due to his innovative use of photography in his practice.  Fausto says,
"I travelled around on the highway for two months.  This trip helped me explore
how humans interact.  I photographed people on the beach, waiting by their 
trucks, playing hockey, etc.  These urban portraits are the basis of the Crowd
Series, the guts of which sit in the foreground."
A link to the ZoneZero Labs site is here.
11 July 2016


Walter Robinson review in THE Magazine

The May edition of Santa Fe's own THE Magazine carried a great review of 
our newest artist, Walter Robinson, for his exhibition "Placebo."  Our exhibition 
runs concurrently with Walter's Museum of New Mexico Alcove Exhibition.
Reviewer Richard Tobin thoughtfully compares a child's teeter-totter to Walter's 
"Teeter" which is a teeter-totter cannon. Richard deftly outlineses the nature of
Walter's placebo to the real thing.

A link to a downloadable PDF of the exhibition is here.
1 June 2016


Scott Greene review in Visual Art Source
We are very proud to announce that Scott Greene's Turner Carroll exhibition 
"The Course of Empire was chosen by Visual Art Source as one of the best shows 
in the country by reviewer Jordan Eddy.  This comes after Scott's Museum of 
New Mexico Alcove Exhibition in March 2016, and his stellar 516 Arts exhibition 
"Bewilderness" in Albuquerque this past winter.

A link to the VAS review is here.

1 May 2016


Turner Carroll at the Dallas Art Fair 

Located at the Fashion Industry Gallery, adjacent to the Dallas Museum of Art in the 
revitalized downtown arts district. Featuring new works by gallery artists Fausto Fernandez, Hung Liu, Squeak Carnwath, Drew Tal, Jamie Brunson, Rusty Scruby,
Edward Lentsch, Wanxin Zhang, Suzanne Sbarge, Karen Yank, Scott Greene, Holly
, and more! Fair hours are Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16 respectively,
from 11am to 7pm, and Sunday, April 17 from 12pm to 6pm, with an opening preview
gala Thursday, April 14. A link to the Dallas Art Fair is here. 11 April 2016


Turner Carroll in Santa Fe's 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries

Top international culture and travel site The Culture Trip chose Turner Carroll
again as on of the top contemporary galleries in Santa Fe.  Along with SITE
Santa Fe, the Center for Contemporary Arts and Charlotte Jackson 
Fine Art, Turner Carroll got props for the international scope of our program.
A link to the article is here.

23 February 2016


Turner Carroll Artists in the News
Willy Bo Richardson was recently featured in the Latin American edition of Dental Tribune.  
In addition to having the cover, Willy was interviewed for the magazine by photographer Eric Kroll, 
A link to the article is here. Inside Magnolia Editions: Collaboration and Innovation opens at the
Art Museum of Sonoma County on 12 December 2015.  Under the direction of Don and Era 
Farnsworth since 1981, Magnolia Editions has been on the front lines of innovation, collaboration, 
and advocacy for timely and pressing social and political issues. The exhibition runs through 7 February
2016. A link to the show is here. Turner Carroll artists Rupert Garcia, Squeak Carnwath, Deborah 
Oropallo, Chuck Close, Enrique Chagoya and Hung Liu all have works represented in the show.
Also showing this month is Wanxin Zhang at the San Jose Museum of Art. The show Character 
Studies: Clay from the Collection runs through 7 February 2016. Wanxin's work was pointed out
"one of a new generation who are continuing this region's legacy of prominence and innovation in the
medium." The exhibition page of the museum's web site is here.

10 December 2015


Hung Liu at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Artwork by Hung Liu is on display at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. 
She is included in the exhibition First Look: Collecting Contemporary at the Asian. 
The museum says "For the first time ever, we’re presenting a large-scale exhibition 
of contemporary highlights from the museum’s collection. These pieces are 
remarkable on their own, but they also activate the rest of the museum’s collection 
in compelling new ways, infusing traditional themes and mediums with present-day 
ideas. The exhibition features artists from Asia as well as from the United States. 
Yako Hodo abstracts the traditional art of basket weaving, while works by Yang 
Yongliang and Xu Bing push Chinese ink painting into new media. First Look also 
features Bay Area favorites like Hung Liu and Zheng Chongbin."  The exhibiton 
runs 4 September through 11 October 2015.

A link to the exhibition is here.
3 September 2015


Turner Carroll now representing Holly Roberts
We are very proud to announce the representation of artist Holly Roberts.  As fans of hers
for years, Turner Carroll now has the opportunity to join forces with Holly in advancing her 
career, as well as adding her prestige to our select group of artists.  Holly's work includes 
abstract underpainting, while metamorphic beings illustrate archetypal emotional or dream 
states.  Her subject matter has expanded from the internal to a more topical, wider worldview, 
touching on religion, technology and the environment.  The subject of many museum exhibitions 
and three monographs, Holly's work may be found at the Museum of Contemporary Art 
Chicago, Norton Museum, Chicago Art Institute, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,
and Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

3 September 2015


Kate Petley residency at Franz Mayer of Munich

This fall Kate Petley will set of for a residency at the prestigious Franz Mayer 
of Munich studio for artistic mosaics, stained glass, and art in architecture.
Founded in 1847, Franz Mayer of Munich is one the most famous glass works
in the world.  As one of a handful and awardees, Kate will work in their atelier
and create a brand new body of work.  Congratulations Kate!

A link to the Franz Mayer site is here.
3 September 2015


Fresno Art Museum awards Hung Liu the Distinguished Woman Artist Award for 2016
Congratulations to Hung Liu for receiving this prestigious award from the Fresno Art Museum. 
The award is granted annually to a woman artist who "has spent thirty or more years in the 
studio and has created a unique and prestigious body of work."  Past recipients include Turner
Carroll favorites Viola Frey, Ruth Asawa and Inez Storer. In addition to the recognition,  
Hung was awarded a solo exhibition at the museum in the fall of 2016.  Lectures and a catalog
will accompany the exhibition which runs 23 September 2016 through 8 January 2017.

A link to the Distinguished Woman Artist Award is here.

10 August 2015


Turner Carroll exhibition Glow reviewed in VAS

Our exhibition Glow: Riffs on Beauty Reigns received  
a very nice recommendation on Visual Art Source.  
Writer and critic Drew Lenihan noted that the show
"...show explodes with painterly vibrancy and poetic 
abstraction."  We at Turner Carroll love painting, and
are very pleased that exhibition artists Rex Ray, Jamie 
Brunson and Fausto Fernandez were written about 
that way.  A link to the article on VAS is here.  A pdf of 
the article may be downloaded by clicking the picture 
of it on the box to the right.

2 July 2015


Squeak Carnwath at the Lux Art Institute and 
upcoming at the diRosa

Squeak wraps up her residency at the Lux Art Institute
in Encinitas this month with an exhibition running from
13 June to 8 August 2015. To quote from their website, 
"At Lux, you don’t just see finished works of art; you see 
the artistic process firsthand, engaging with internationally 
recognized artists in a working studio environment."
A link to the exhibition is here.

A bit later, from 29 July to 27 September 2015, Squeak 
will have a solo exhibition at the diRosa.  The show,
Collection in Focus: Squeak Carnwath, features a group
of important and understudied works from the 1980s that 
are Carnwath pieces held in the di Rosa's extensive collection.  
The di Rosa wensite goes on to say about Squeak that she
"has been fiercely committed to painting for decades...
Carnwath often combines layers of words and images, 
fragments of things she comes across in daily life...Her 
paintings are just as much about the process as they are 
the product, becoming an extension of herself and her 
search for meaning, and allowing for imperfections and 
unplanned results.  A link to the exhibition catalog is here.

26 June 2015



Fausto Fernandez in Fusion Magazine, Issue #80;
Squeak Carnwath at the Napa Valley Museum

Issue 80 of Fusion Magazine has a nice story on our 
own Fausto Fernandez.  Fresh from his Phoenix Airport
commission and his New Mexico Residency, Fausto is
working toward his museum show in El Paso later this
year.  Fusion is an arts and culture magazine covering 
the scene in Texas and Northern Mexico.  A link to the
Issuu version of the magazine is here.

Meanwhile in Yountville, California, the Napa Valley 
Museum has mounted an exhibition called Napa Valley
Collects which highlights significant artworks from the
outstanding collections throughout the Napa Valley.
Included in the show are works by Andy Goldsworthy,
Robert Buck, Deborah Oropallo, Kara Walker and
Morris Graves.  The exhibition runs through May 31,
2015.  A link to the Issuu catalog is here.

1 May 2015



Turner Carroll Gallery in The Huffington Post
During our very successful presence at the Dallas Art Fair during the weekend of April 
10-12, we received a lot of attention for the artists we brought and for our sixth visit to 
the fair.  Perhaps the the best recognition we received came from the Huffington Post.  
In her article highlighting the fair's pieces at the fair, author Courtney Price tipped 
Turner Carroll with not one, but two of the top works.  Specifically, Hung Liu "Equus I"
and Shawn Smith "Absconder" were those featured in the article.

A link to the article is here.

14 April 2015


Hung Liu acquired by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

We are very happy to report the acquisition of Hung Liu's "Visage I" by the 
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.  The museum is located on the campus of 
the University of Oregon in Eugene.  The holds extensive collections of Chinese,
Japanese, Korean and American artworks.  The painting was purchased from 
our booth at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair in 2015.  Congratulations, Hung!
1 March 2015


Kate Petley 10 Artists to Know in Adobe Airstream

The indefatigable Leanne Goebel has a new piece up at Adobe Airstream.
Ten Colorado Artists You Should Know About – They Happen to be 
Women gives us great images by Kate Petley and nine other very strong 
artists.  The title says it all!

A link to the article is here.

8 March 2015


Great Interview with Squeak Carnwath in Professional Artist Magazine

Professional Artist Magazine just published a great interview with our own 
Squeak Carnwath.  Artist Brenda Hope Zapitell asked great questions, and,
in turn, received great and elucidating answers.  You can find out why Squeak
is a "painting chauvanist" and see a hand-printed list by Squeak asking "What 
artists do you like? A very partial list."  Good stuff.

A link to the article is here.
9 March 2015


Rex Ray, September 11, 1956 – February 9, 2015

The world lost a great artist and human today.  Rex Ray passed 
away after a prolongued bout with cancer. Please note that all
remaining works by Rex Ray will go to his estate for legacy and 
museum planning.  No more works will be for sale excepting his
limited edition "Pyzinerol" lithograph.

Rest in peace my friend.

9 February 2015


The Red Press!

Looks like we hit a nerve.  No, not "Reds under the beds," but the color.
Our latest exhibition received lots of coverage, and the analytics show
an overwhelming preference for this hue.  The Santa Fe New Mexican, 
Pasatiempo from 26 December 2014 article is here.  A link to the Artsy
article is here.  The Artnet link is here.  We also had the cover of the 
Santa Fe Monthly for February 2015.  You can see artwork in the
exhibition here in our ISSUU catalog.  Happy Holidays!
1 January 2015


Turner Carroll headed to Palm Springs Art Fair 12-15 February 2015

Look for us in Palm Springs in February 2015 at the convention center 
in Palm Springs for the Palm Springs Art Fair.  Hung is the subject of 
a special interview in our booth (#607) with noted Los Angeles 
art critic Peter Frank from 12 to 12:30 on Friday, 13 February.  
With Hung Liu's solo, touring museum retrospective opening less than 
two weeks later at the Palm Springs Museum of Art, Turner Carroll will 
position Hung in our booth (#607) and through a special additional 
installation (booth P4) by Hung, as the star attraction of the fair.

9 December 2014


Rex Ray on the cover of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014!

As a part of NM's growing interest in fine art (they collected a Rex Ray 
for their Walnut Creek, CA store in 2012) they chose a piece by our 
own Rex Ray for the cover of the 2014 Christmas catalog. According 
to the Neiman Marcus blog "For this issue of the book, Ray’s 
energetic swoops and swirls form a fanciful interpretation of NM’s house 
symbol, the butterfly. The piece began as a painting/collage, with digital 
flourishes and color-play added later. “This type of hybrid allows me to 
mix a wide variety of mediums--painting, block-printing, silk screening, 
as well as digitally augmented coloring and textures,” explains Ray. 
“In this way, the work references nature, ornament, technology, and 

25 November 2014


Manuel Neri visits the studio of Wanxin Zhang, 
and Hung Liu Wine Labels!

Lots of news from San Francisco of late.  Wanxin Zhang 
sent us this great photo of him with fellow sculptor, and 
good friend, Manuel Neri.  Neri is a long-time favorite of 
Turner Carroll, and a storied Bay Area artist having studied 
with art world legends Richard Diebenkorn and Elmer 
Bischoff.  Neri was also a big part of the influential Six 
Gallery with compatriots Joan Brown, Jay DeFeo and 
Bruce Conner.

Hung Liu's wine labels for Imagery Estate Winery are 
also making the rounds.  We found this image on 
www.thesavory.com.  According to the article by Ross 
Gardiner "The added attention given by the artwork has 
certainly helped to make them standout from the crowd. 
Every vintage of every variety has label art commissioned 
by the winery. Healdsburg-based artist Bob Nugent provided 
the original paintings, and since then has acted on a full-time 
basis as the curator. The winery has commissioned over 400 
pieces of art to date, and receives over 200 requests per 
year to show art on their bottles."

1 November 2014



Summoning Ghosts: The Art of Hung Liu opens 10 October 2014 
at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
A retrospective of one of the most significant Chinese-American contemporary artists living today, the exhibition Summoning Ghosts: The Art of Hung Liu explores Hung Liu’s life and career through approximately 80 works of art from private and public collections, including two signature works from the Kemper Museum’s Permanent Collection. Organized by Oakland Museum of Contemporary Art’s Senior Curator of Art, René de Guzman, the exhibition is accompanied by a major publication that provides the most comprehensive account of Liu’s body of work to date. Summoning Ghosts: The Art of Hung Liu is on view October 10, 2014–January 11, 2015, at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri. A collection of rare photographs, and early paintings, all made in China prior to Liu’s immigration to the United States in 1984 will be displayed in the Kemper East gallery. Admission to all Kemper Museum locations is free.
14 September 2014


Wanxin Zhang on panel for History & Future of California Ceramic Sculpture

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 from 12 to 4pm Wanxin Zhang will be a part of 
an important symposium of ceramic sculpture at the Vessel Gallery presented by 
the Friends of Oakland Art Murmur.  Artists include well-known California ceramists
Christine Assad, James Melchert, Juan Miguel Santiago, John Toki and 
Wanxin Zhang.  The keynote will be given by longtime art historian, curator and 
educator Nancy Servis who is currently a Research Fellow at the American 
Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona. For more information and tickets please go 
to www.oaklandartmurmur.com.

25 August 2014


Great press coverage for our exhibition Survival

The month of August finds us featuring artists we have shown for a very long time
along with artists more recently represented.  All have the common experience of
growing up in single-party states where they ran up against the authorities.  Most
have since emigrated from their countries of origin.  The show features distinctly 
humanistic themes that struck a chord with the press.  The July 30, 2014 Santa Fe 
Reporter ran a big, beautiful image by Nele Zirnite, and the Santa Fe New Mexican 
Pasatiempo features a long article with large color images by Hung Liu going over 
her personal story.  We also got a nod from The Culture Trip out of London as one
of the top contemporary galleries in Santa Fe.  See the article here.

A copy of the Reporter article is here.  A copy of the Pasatiempo article is here.

1 August 2014


Rex Ray in important and fabulous exhibition at the McNay Museum

"Beauty Reigns: A Baroque Sensibility in Recent Painting" runs from 11 June through 
17 August at the McNay Museum in San Antonio, Texas.  Included in the show are
pieces by artworld favorites Beatriz Milhazes, Ryan McGinness and Annette Davidek.
The exhibition, curated by René Paul Barilleaux, "assembles thirteen emerging and 
mid-career abstract painters whose art is characterized in whole or part by high-key 
color, obsessive layering of surface imagery, use of overall and repeated patterns, 
stylized motifs, fragments of representation, and a tension between melancholy 
and the sublime. To date, little focus has been placed on works which celebrate the
exoticism, exuberance, and optimism found in the work of the painters assembled 
in Beauty Reigns." 

21 July 2014


Josh Garber image in Santa Fean NOW magazine

We are pleased to have a write-up in the new weekly Santa Fean NOW.  Brought to you by
Bruce Adams, publisher of the Santa Fean magazine.  NOW is a weekly calendar and 
magazine of the fine arts in Santa Fe.  The Art Preview Josh's work is featured in covers 
our exhibition Biomorphed that features new work by Josh Garber, Shawn Smith and 
the very well-known Rex Ray.  The exhibition opens 11 July 2014, and runs through the 
end of the month.  This show explores shapes in each artist's practice inspired by, and 
gleaned from, organic patterns and the amazing expression of life itself.

A copy of the article is here.

4 July 2014


Kate Petley preview on Artsy

Artsy just ran an editorial for Kate Petley's upcoming solo exhibition "Lined." 
This will be Kate's first solo with us at Turner Carroll.  The article draws 
great comparisons from Franz Kline and Jules Olitski, forward to Kate's use 
of resin and film.

A link to the article is here.

16 May 2014


Turner Carroll at Dallas Art Fair

We just wrapped up a very successful Dallas Art Fair.  Our fifth iteration at the 
fair brought significant Sales for Eric Zener, Tex Ray, Hung Liu, Rex Ray and 
Rusty Scruby.  Press included a great piece on blouinartinfo.com with a view 
of our booth.  A link to the 60-second video is here.

14 April 2014


Hung Liu and Squeak Carnwath Update

Hung Liu’s etching "Luzao (Stove)" featured in the SF Chronicle review 
of West Coast Ink at the Sonoma Museum.  Link to the article is here.  
In addition, Hung is in conversationwith Peter Selz at University Press Books 
in Berkeley, California on 16 April 2014.  Selz is one of this country's most 
prominent art critics and writers, having published 17 books, and held posts 
at the University of California at Berkeley, and at MoMA in New York.

Also in the news in Squeak Carnwath, who spoke at Mills College in Oakland, 
California recently.  Information about her talk is here.

8 April 2014


Turner Carroll chosen as one of Santa Fe's 10 Best Galleries on TheCultureTrip.com

London-based TheCultureTrip.com just finished a journey through Santa Fe.  We are very proud to 
be included in their 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries list.  Their eagle-eyed writer Lauren Englund 
chose us along with SITE Santa Fe, Charlotte Jackson Fine Art and David Richard Gallery.  
Their prescient commentary included this passage: "Santa Fe presents a variety of cutting-edge 
exhibitions by up-and-coming, as well as significant blue-chip artists. These ten contemporary art 
galleries put Santa Fe on the map as a key destination for high quality art in New Mexico."

A link to the article is here.

20 March 2014


Turner Carroll now on Artsy!

We are very happy to now be a part of Artsy, the largest and most prestigious collection 
of contemporary art available online.  This lovely site is a joy to use.  In Artsy's own words
their mission is "Powered by The Art Genome Project—a way of providing pathways for 
discovery for experts and non-experts alike—Artsy hopes to foster new generations of 
art lovers, museum-goers, collectors, and patrons. We are honored to partner with 
1,500+ leading galleries, as well as 200+ museums and institutional partners from 
around the globe.

A link to our page is here.

1 March 2014


David Rothermel now at Turner Carroll

David Rothermel was born in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. He first studied at York Academy in 
York, Pennsylvania.  He later went on to study and graduate from the Pennsylvania Academy 
of Fine Art in Philadelphia.  Two of his summers were spent at Skowhegan School of Painting 
& Sculpture in Skowhegan, Maine.  About his work David says, "For the last 25 years as an 
artist I have been painting and marveling over the true spiritual nature of this land.  My work 
reflect the grace and synchronicity of the western landscape and my relationship to it.  The 
gratitude I have for being able to participate in the phenomena that happens when the light, 
weather, space, and beauty come together is overwhelming.  My purpose with these works 
of art are to bathe the viewer in light--a visual baptism of color that saturates the soul, gives 
peace, serenity and emotional reflection.

30 January 2014


Michael Carroll "Idle Hands" exhibition interview on KTRC ArtBeat

Michael gave an interview last week to the very talented
Kathryn Davis.  Kathryn is the host of ArtBeat, a long-running
fine arts radio program that covers the Santa Fe scene in-depth.  
Michael and Kathryn dug into the guts of the post-feminist move 
toward the handwork in fine art.  The interview is about 15 minutes, 
and is available here.  After the interview with Michael, Kathryn 
interviewed Jen and Michael Tansey about their new gallery,
Tansey Contemporary.  In addition to his new gallery in Santa Fe, 
Michael is involed in the Art Miami fair.

26 November 2013


Hung Liu in "I, You, We" at the Whitney Museum

Arranged into four sections, the show begins with a gallery devoted to “I.” Largely composed of 
works that address shifting perceptions of personal identity, this space will contain pieces by John 
Coplans, Robert Gober, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mark Morrisroe, Catherine Opie, Cindy Sherman, 
Kiki Smith, Carrie Mae Weems, and Francesca Woodman, among others. Though many of the 
works are self-portraits, others play with notions of individuality such as Jasper Johns’s Racing 
Thoughts (1983) and Glenn Ligon’s 1990 painting Untitled (I Do Not Always Feel Colored).

Moving into the “YOU” section, the perspective shifts outward as works portray intimate inter- actions between artists and their subjects. Within this section are Sally Mann’s pair of photo- graphs of her son in Jessie as Jessie and Jessie as Madonna (1990); Jim Dine’s etchings of his wife in Nancy Outside in July IV (1978) and Nancy Outside in July XXI: The Red Frame (1981); and Richard Avedon’s portrait, Bill Curry, Drifter, Interstate 40, Yukon Oklahoma 6/16/80 (1980). Included in this section are also works by Peter Hujar, Alfred Leslie, Hung Liu, Andrea Modica, Shirin Neshat, Jack Pierson, Richard Prince, David Salle, and Lorna Simpson. A link to the exhibition is here. 26 August 2013


Wanxin Zhang in Artslant

Wanxin and his exhibition here at Turner Carroll received notice as a 
Watchlist Artist in the August 2013 edition of ArtSlant.  Wanxin takes as his 
starting point the Yuan tomb warriors: thousands of actual-faced, terra cotta 
soldiers buried with China's first emporer in 210 B.C.  Bringing them forward 
in time, Wanxin's terra cotta figures are stripped of weapons, and given more 
modern accoutrements, suggesting a dialogue between China and the viewer.

A link to the article is here.

10 August 2013


Hung Liu Editorial: Recommendations in Visual Art Source

Hung Liu had a great write-up in Visual Art Source this August.  The journal 
VAS gave her solo exhibition at Turner Carroll an Editorial Recommendation 
in light of the cohesive and deep body of self-portraits she created documenting 
her years in China and her work in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution.  
This body of work "Portraits of a Chinese Self" is based on surviving photographs 
of Hung's early life in China.  This exhibition runs through 18 August 2013.  Art
patrons in San Francisco area can see Hung's work concurrent to this exhibition 
at the San Jose Museum of Art through 29 September 2013.

A link to the article is here.

1 August 2013


Rupert Garcia wins SGC Award for Lifetime Achievement in Printmaking!

We are very proud to announce Rupert Garcia is the 2014 winner of the 
SGC International Award for Lifetime Achievement in Printmaking. 
This award includes an invitation to give a public address to the membership 
of SGCI at the 2014 International Conference, "Bridges: Spanning Tradition, 
Innovation, and Activism," to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area from 
March 26-30, 2014.  The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual 
who has made an outstanding contribution to the professional development 
of printmaking as a fine art.  Recent winners of the Lifetime Achievement 
in Printmaking award include Chuck Close (2004), William Wiley (2005), 
Warrington Colescott (2006), Xu Bing (2007), Kerry James Marshall (2008), 
Leonard Lehrer (2009), Judy Pfaff (2010), and our very own Hung Liu (2011).

1 July 2013


Kate Petley in Westword

Kate Petley has a very nice write-up in the Denver Westword site.  
In addition to being able to see some of her fabulous work, there is 
an informative interview with Kate on such topics as which artists 
are interesting to Kate at this moment, as well as her agends for 2013.

A link to the article is here.

20 June 2013


"Questions from the Sky" Hung Liu at the San Jose Museum of Art

The second installment of Hung Liu's touring solo museum shows opened 
last week at the San Jose Museum of Art.  According to the SJMA "This 
exhibition showcases surprising new, intimate work by Liu. She contemplates 
the cycles of life, death, and memory in an installation of three videos titled 
Black Rain, Candle, and Between Sky and Earth (2013). The videos are based 
on snapshots made daily with her iPhone over the course of the year following 
her mother’s death. These simple images of burning candles; fallen birds and 
deer; Buddha’s hand citrus fruit; and cloud formations poetically reflect Liu’s 
contemplative state of mind. 

14 June 2013


Turner Carroll Gallery in The Economist

Great article in The Economist on the Dallas Art Fair and the efforts 
of its organizers Chris Byrne and John Sughrue on making a distinctive 
and epic fair.  In this spirit, Dallas culturemap.com of 12 April 2013 quotes 
Michael Carroll “People here are starved for culture — no they’re devouring 
culture — and are willing to turn out."  Dallas is incredibly hungry for the arts, 
and the Dallas Art Fair delivers the goods.  83 galleries worth.  Read about it in
The Economist.

A link to the article is here.

29 April 2013


Hung Liu article in SquareCylinder

SquareCylinder.com ran a great article on Hung Liu and her solo retrospective
at the Oakland Museum of California and its now finished companion exhibition
at the Mills College Museum of Art.  The article gives us very good information
about Hung's past, and how it plays out in her work--the counter-revolutionary act 
of looking backward into the past rather than looking forward in the Maoist manner.

A link to the article is here.
26 April 2013


Kate Petley 10 Artists to Know in Adobe Airstream

The indefatigable Leanne Goebel has a new piece up at Adobe Airstream.
Ten Colorado Artists You Should Know About – They Happen to be 
Women gives us great images by Kate Petley and nine other very strong 
artists.  The title says it all!

A link to the article is here.

8 March 2013


Jenny Honnert Abell article in Healdsburg Press Democrat

Jenny and her work are the subjects of a very nice and extensive article in the 
Healdsburg Press Democrat recently.  Specifically, the article highlights Jenny's 
work being commissioned by the Art in Embassies Program, and her trip to 
Senegal where the work will live in the new U.S. Embassy.  The Art in Embassy 
program is a program of the U.S. Department of State and a "legacy of President 
John F. Kennedy’s administration, designed to promote national pride and cultural 
identity by displaying American art throughout the world." The other artist selected
for the initial Dakar program is the fabulous Nick Cave of Soundsuits fame.

A link to the article is here.
6 March 2013


Hung Liu images in Art Practical

Matthew Harrison Tedford has written a splendid profile of Hung Liu
in Art Practical.  Covering arts in the Bay Area, Art Practical is running
this article in advance of Hung's talks at the Asian Art Museum, at Mills 
College, and her solo exhibitions at Mills College, the Oakland Museum
of California, and the San Jose Museum of Art.  Hung Liu is recognized 
as America's most important Chinese artist. Hung Liu: Offerings (on view 
through March 17) examines the themes of cultural identity through works 
that navigate the complex journey of immigration and returning home. 
Trained as a social realist painter and muralist, her paintings, prints, and 
installations serve as memorials to the past while acknowledging the rapidly 
changing cultural dynamics in contemporary China.

A link to the article is here.

27 February 2013


Josh Garber now at Turner Carroll Gallery

We are very pleased to say that we are now representing Josh Garber.
He is an exciting young artist out of Chicago who we have seen at
art fairs over the years.  About his process Josh explains, "My work is 
about interpreting gestures through mappings of coordinates. It is very 
influenced by digital pixilation which dissects images with thousands 
of dots. Similarly, I use thousands of aluminum bars to map and then 
construct each piece.”  Josh's work is in the collections of the Cincinnati
Art Museum, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and the
John Michael Kohler Arts Center.
1 February 2013


Hung Liu: Offerings at the Mills College Art Museum

The Mills College Art Museum is pleased to present Hung Liu: 
Offerings, a rare opportunity to experience two of the Oakland-
based artist's most significant large-scale installations: Jui Jin Shan 
(Old Gold Mountain) (1994) and Tai Cang—Great Granary (2008). 
These Hung Liu images examine the themes of memory, history, 
and cultural identity through works that navigate the life-long liminal 
experiences of immigration and homecoming. Accompanied by related 
paintings and prints, Jui Jin Shan and Tai Cang serve as memorials to 
the past while acknowledging the rapidly changing cultural dynamics 
in contemporary China.  Hung Liu: Offerings runs through 17 March 

A link to the exhibition is here.

16 January 2013


mc art beat
Michael Carroll interviewed on KTRC for Contemporary Terrain

Michael gave a great interview last week to the very talented
Kathryn Davis.  Kathryn is the host of ArtBeat, a long-running
fine arts radio program that covers the Santa Fe scene in-depth.  
Michael and Kathryn dug into the guts of port-lanscape, and
Western painting, Turner Carroll's interest in the authenticity 
of place, digital terrain, and the changing nature of places over 
time, such as how a spot in Belgium can be the scene of a battle 
and later the site of a Google server farm.  The interview is 
about 20 minutes, and is available here.
16 November 2012


Inez Storer at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts

Over thirty years ago, Linda Lee Alter decided to collect art by 
women, building an extraordinarily diverse and powerful collection 
that includes some of the most influential female artists of the past 
50 years.  In celebration of these outstanding artists and their 
accomplishments, Alter recently gave her collection of close to 500 
works to PAFA, allowing the public to see these remarkable works 
for the first time. Visit PAFA this fall and explore over 160 objects 
and their creators from the Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by 
Women.  By virtue of being in the collection of Linda Lee Alter, 
Inez will be presented in the exhibition The Female Gaze: 
Women Artists Making their World, on view November 17, 
2012 - April 7, 2013.

A link to the exhibition is here.

18 October 2012


Georges Mazilu in Santa Fe for his Solo Exhibition

We had a great exhibition for Georges Mazilu here in the 
gallery.  The show was made all the better by Georges 
travelling from France to Santa Fe to see old friends, and 
meet new collectors.  And though we have shown Georges' 
work for nearly twenty years, there is always something 
we learn or a new bit we take away after an in-person 
visit from Georges.  Jusqu'à ce que la prochaine fois!
17 October 2012


Jenny Honnert Abell selected for the Art in Embassies Program

Jenny Abell received a great recognition recently, being selected 
for the Art in Embassies program for the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, 
Senegal.  In addition to purchasing 10 of Jenny's pieces for the 
Embassy, the State Department is sending Jenny to Senegal in 
December 2012 on a cultural experience program.  All this 
culminates in an exhibition in 2013 in Dakar with the fabulous 
Nick Cave of Soundsuits fame.

16 October 2012


Greg Murr interview in New American Paintings Blog

There is a great interview with Greg Murr in the New American
Paintings Blog, on the back of his being included in the recent
NAP issue #101.  Greg goes in depth and wanders around his
particular vocabulary explaining what it is that he's up to.  An
illustrative quote that we really liked is Greg is "...not interested 
in who we are as much as how and what we are..."  In the
context of Greg's recent political work, this is a great to key
to decoding his enigmatic constructions.

A link to the article is here.
14 October 2012


Wanxin Zhang at the Berkeley Art Center

From September through November 18, 2012 Wanxin Zhang is in an exhibition 
titled "Local Treasures: Bay Area Ceramics" at the Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley, 
California.  This bi-annual exhibition, begun in 2010, features artists who have had 
a significant impact in the artistic fabric of this community. Co-curated by Berkeley 
Art Center Director Suzanne Tan and Richard Whittaker publisher of Works & 
Conversations, the focus of this year's exhibition is on Bay Area ceramics and 
includes the work of Clayton Bailey, Viola Frey, Ted Fullwood, Jon Gariepy, 
Mary Law, Annabeth Rosen, Nancy Selvin, Richard Shaw, Sandy Simon, 
John Toki, and Wanxin Zhang. An array of masterful and mysterious works 
in clay, the exhibition presents a compelling individualistic and authentic approach 
to the medium as expressed in the work of these accomplished artists.

A link to the exhibition is here.

26 September 2012


David Linn at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

David Linn is curated in to the 2012 Contemporary Realism 
Biennial at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Nearly 10,000 
artists submitted to be a part of this prestigious show, with 
only 77 selected.  The show itself "highlights the strength 
and innovation of America’s current trends in realism. 
America has enjoyed a long, rich history of Realist art 
from Colonial times to the present. We are proud to expand 
the discourse on this enduring tradition in presenting the 
2012 installment of this dynamic contemporary exhibition."  
The exhibition runs through October 28, 2012.

A link to the 2012 Contemporary Realism Biennial is here.
17 September 2012


Hung Liu at the Ernst Barlach Museum in Hamburg

From June through September 2012 Hung Liu is in an 
exhibition titled "Based in China: Contemporary Art and 
Tradition" at the Ernst Barlach Museum in Hamburg, 
Germany.  As the name suggests, the show explores
how Chinese contemporary art is inextricably linked 
to the past in ways different from artistic practice in 
the West.  The exhibition includes work by Chinese 
artistic luminaries Rong Rong, Zhang Huan, and 
Yin Xiuzhen.

A link to the web site is here.

27 August 2012


Shawn Smith at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

More good things are happening for Shawn Smith.  He was just curated 
into a fabulous show at the Smithsonian American Art Museum called 
"40 Under 40."  The exhibition investigates evolving notions of craft 
within traditional media such as ceramics and metalwork, as well 
as in fields as varied as sculpture, industrial design, installation art, 
fashion design, sustainable manufacturing, and mathematics. The 
range of disciplines represented illustrates new avenues for the 
handmade in contemporary culture.  In addition Shawn was just 
included in a new book identifying the best new artists coming out 
of Texas by June Mattingly.

A link to the ebook is here.  A link to the exhibition at the 
Smithsonian is here.
17 August 2012


Fabulous Wolf Kahn resale 

Here at the gallery we just acquired a fabulous Wolf Kahn 
for resale.  This work, "In Isolation," is coming out of a private 
collection for the first time since it was purchased in 1991.
He is one of the best known student of Hans Hofmann, and
is regarded as America's finest landscape painter.  His work
appears as a synthesis of abstract and representational work
over which is cast a shadow of Mark Rothko.  Wolf's work is
represented in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney 
Museum of American Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, 
and the Los Angeles County Museum of art, among others.  
Please contact us at info@turnercarrollgallery.com if you are 
interested in this painting.  We are more than happy to assist.

25 July 2012


Heroes exhibition and Construct reviews

We've gotten some very good write ups lately.  Kate Petley and Rusty 
Scruby's current exhibition Construct was written up by Leanne Goebel 
in Colorado Creates.  Also, we eceived a great review of the Hung Liu, 
Deborah Oropallo and Squeak Carnwath show Heroes in Art Ltd.  
It's a great issue of a great magazine, and has lots of coverage of 
Santa Fe and Albuquerque in the July/August issue.

A copy of the Art Ltd. review may be downloaded here.
12 July 2012


Construct: Rusty Scruby and Kate Petley on the front cover 
of the 15 June 2012 Santa Fe New Mexican: Pasatiempo

We open a fabulous show tonight, Construct.  Featuring Kate
Petley and Rusty Scruby, this exhibition examines two dynamic 
and unique artists working with complex and immersive two- 
and three-dimensional visual planes.  Both artists rearrange 
the obvious to create intra-artwork relationships.  In a way 
their artwork collaborates with itself through the practice of 
layering. To stand infront of Kate’s and Rusty’s work is like looking through a bug’s eye and simultaneously seeing forever. 15 June 2012


Shawn Smith in Wired Magazine

Newly minted Turner Carroll artist Shawn Smith has an 
article and video interview on his artwork and artictic practice 
in Wired Magazine.  Shawn's current body of work he calls 
Re-things.  They are an attempt to examine natural objects 
through the lens of data and reconstruction.

You can see the article and video here.
5 June 2012


Greg Murr and Shawn Smith now at Turner Carroll Gallery

We are very pleased to say that we are representing two new artists,
Greg Murr and Shawn Smith.  Greg is an artist we know well, having 
shown his work in the 1990s before he moved to Germany.  His work 
is in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the 
Progressive Collection, among others.  Shawn Smith came to us via
collectors in Dallas.  His work is sculptural with an aesthetic built on
the digital idea of a pixel but rendered in wood.  His most recent work
is focused on how we experience nature through technology.

For Murr, the arc of nature runs deep within his practice.  A fascination 
with the way the observable world exists outside our everyday awareness
guides his work.  Since 2008, Murr's work has featured dogs with their
noses to the ground, relying upon instincts to guide them, loose among 
a world of tangled pearls or fashion’s latest high-heels.

16 May 2012


Wanxin Zhang at the Richmond Art Center

"Wanxin Zhang: A Ten Year Survey" will be showing at 
the Richmond Art Center from April 3 to June 2, 2012. 
This exhibition has been on the road for the past two and 
a half years, traveling to a total of six venues in six states. 
It's finally back in California.  The show was curated by 
Peter Held, Curator of Ceramics at the Arizona State 
University Art Museum Ceramics Research Center.  
Wanxin is represented in the permanent collection of the
ASU Museum, which is widely regarded as the finest ceramic 
collection in the country.
3 April 2012


Igor Melnikov enters the collection of ENMU

Kudos to Igor Melnikov for entering the collection of Eastern New 
Mexico University.  His piece "Clear Space" was installed in their 
brilliant new art building.  Funding for the acquisition was provided 
by the Art in Public Places program of the incredibly far-sighted 
Department of Cultural Affairs office of New Mexico Arts.

2 April 2012


Hung Liu at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna

We just returned from a fabulous visit to Vienna.  Visits to the 
MUMOK, Kunsthistoriches Museum, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, 
the Leopold Museum and the Upper Belvedere were capped by the 
opening for the exhibition GOLD.  This comprehensive examination 
of the use of gold in artwork from Tiepolo to contemporary time 
featured a work by Hung Liu.  Both the preview and the opening 
were packed with patrons filling the rooms of the former palace; 
rooms that were by themselves awash in gold.  The exhibition runs 
through June 2012.
20 March 2012


Deborah Oropallo in D Magazine

Turner Carroll Gallery friend and uber-designer, Carson See, is written 
about in the January 2012 D Magazine along with the work of Deborah 
Oropallo.  Carson's new line of furniture 1818, is featured at the David 
Sutherland Showroom in Dallas.  Perfectly paired with the work of Deborah, 
the conjunction of male and female sensibilities in Carson's 1818 line works 
brilliantly.  A copy of the article may be downloaded here.

7 January 2012


Hung Liu at the International Conference on Chinese Women 
and Visual Representation

In a first of its kind conference in Shanghai in December, Hung Liu 
not only designed the poster, but was a speaker.  The conference 
itself focused on work by women in many fields, and on feminist art.  
It was also the first time gay and lesbian groups were invited to the 
conference.  Hung reports that the women artists, filmmakers, 
academics and others she met were incredible, making breathtaking 
work.  In Hung's words, "There is hope!"  All the best in 2012!
2 January 2012


SCOPE Miami 2011 Wrap Up

Wow.  We had an absolutely stellar fair this year at Scope Miami.  
Many works by Hung Liu, Eric Zener, Rusty Scruby, Kate Petley and
Jenny Abell found collections, including two institutional collections.  
The atmosphere was electric at Scope this year with thousands of 
attendees and loads of press.  The link to a blog mentioning us 
is here.  Thanks, Miami!

7 December 2011


Wanxin Zhang article in Ceramics: Art and Perception

Julie Beal writes a great and interesting review of Wanxin's work in 
the context of his solo Ten-Year Survey at the Bellevue Arts Museum.
Julie digs deep in Wanxin's Chinese-American-ness, connecting work
by great American sculptors like Robert Arneson with the Qin terra-
cotta warriors.  Eloquent discourse on  the contrapuntal forces in 
Wanxin's work--individual figures in the context of a collective--
make this article a great read.  Kudos!  A link to the article is here.
9 November 2011


Big Success at Inaugural Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston

If you weren't in Houston 20 to 23 October, you missed a great art fair.
In four days at the George R. Brown Covention Center 10,000 people 
attended the fair.  There were 55 dealers from across the U.S., with 
the greatest concentration from Texas and the coasts.  We were the 
only Santa Fe gallery, and were able to serve our Houston and new 
collectors with great sales and service at the fair.  We received a great 
write-up in Ellen Berkovitch's great publication, Adobe Airstream.  
The link to the article is here.  Thanks, Houston!

30 October 2011


Andrew Romanoff review in ARTnews

Andrew Romanoff received a great review of his exhibition 
at Turner Carroll in the Summer 2011 ARTnews.  Feel free 
to click the image on the left to see some of the work in 
the exhibition.  A link to the article is here.
15 September 2011


Brilliant New Article on Hung Liu in Smithsonian American Art Magazine

In an 27-page article right after a piece on Donald Judd, Smithsonian 
American Art Museum Senior Curator Joann Moser does a superb job 
delivering us all sorts of fascinating stories during a conversation with 
Hung Liu.  The Smithsonian will host a touring retrospective of Hung Liu's 
work that originates at the Oakland Museum of California in 2013.  In 
preparation for this major exhibition, Turner Carroll will host a large show 
of Hung's newest Chinese Ballet series works, along with a comprehensive 
contextual body of her oil painting from the last ten years.  This show 
opens with us in Santa Fe on 5 August 2011, and runs for four weeks.

25 July 2011


Drew Tal collected by New Britain Museum of American Art

Kudos to Drew Tal!  His "Porcelain Promises" was acquired for 
the museum's permanent photography collection. The NBM is 
one of the nation’s most dynamic art museums which exhibits 
its permanent collection and special exhibitions on widely diverse 
subjects in ways that combine the highest aesthetic standards 
with engaging and intellectually accessible presentations. Tal's 
"Porcelain Promises" is inspired by the tradition of ancestral 
paintings, a Chinese commemorative tradition in which wealthy 
families depict their ancestors in fine paintings. This particular 
pair of portraits symbolizes the fragility of relationships between 
lovers, generations, cultures and nations.  Drew Tal's work is 
included in private collections around the world as well as in 
the permanent collection of the Norton Museum in West Palm 
Beach, Florida.
15 June 2011


Inez Storer collected by the de Young Museum in San Francisco

Kudos to Turner Carroll Gallery artist Inez Storer.  Her painting
Seven Days to make the World (How Many Days to Destroy the 
World?) was just acquired by the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  
One of the top museums of American art in the country, the de Young 
boasts one of the finest survey collections of American paintings in 
the United States. Strengthened by the acquisition of the Rockefeller 
Collection of American Art, the de Young's holdings include more than 
1000 paintings ranging from 1670 to the present day.

22 April 2011


Dallas Art Fair

We just wrapped up a very successful Dallas Art Fair at the F.I.G. 
here in Dallas.  Major works by Deborah Oropallo, Hung Liu, Rex 
Ray and Gino Miles found new homes.  Most of these collections 
are important ones, and we are very pleased by the results.  
We look forward to more opportunities here in the future!

10 April 2011


Hung Liu at Turner Carroll Gallery Project Space in Dallas

We had a fabulous opening at our space at the Hotel ZaZa for 
Hung Liu.  The show is an exploration of the influences on and 
work by Hung Liu.  In this exhibition, part of our kick-off for 
the Dallas Art Fair, we had a range of media Hung has used 
over the years of her amazing career.  Forms include tapestry, 
video, oil on canvas, resin panels and work on paper.  The show 
here in Dallas runs through 6 May.

6 April 2011


Hung Liu

We are very proud to announce Hung Liu is the 2011 winner of the SGC 
International 2011 Award for Lifetime Achievement in Printmaking. 
This award includes an invitation to give a public address to the member-
ship of SGCI at the 2011 International Conference, "Equilibrium," to be 
held at Washington University in St. Louis, March 16-19, 2011.  The 
Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual who has made an 
outstanding contribution to the professional development of printmaking 
as a fine art.  Recent winners of the Lifetime Achievement in Printmaking 
award include Chuck Close (2004), William Wiley (2005), Warrington 
Colescott (2006), Xu Bing (2007), Kerry James Marshall (2008), Leonard 
Lehrer (2009), and Judy Pfaff (2010).
4 March 2011


Squeak Carnwath

This spring is a busy one for Squeak Carnwath.  She just gave a talk 
at the wonderful Oakland Museum of California, the site of the 
monumental 2009 Squeak Carnwath 30-year survey exhibition.  From 
February through April 2011 Squeak's prints from Island Press in 
St. Louis are in an exhibition at the Mildred Lane Kemper Museum 
in St. Louis.  And from March through May 2011 Squeak has a solo 
exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California, 
and is in a show at the Kala Institute in Berkeley, California.  Also 
in March this year is an exhibition of American printmaking at the 
Shanghai Art Museum in China that includes Squeak's work.  Finally, 
from March through July 2011 The Missing Peace: Artists Consider 
the Dalai Lama exhibition travels to the San Antonio Museum of Art 
for the last show in a five year tour.

23 February 2011


Andrew Romanoff

Turner Carroll Gallery is proud to announce internationally acclaimed 
artist and author, Andrew Romanoff’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery.  
The opening for this show will coincide with ARTFeast’s Edible Art Tour 
and a curated Children’s Art Show at Turner Carroll Gallery.  Fifty of 
Romanoff’s unique Shrinky Dink works will be featured in this show, 
along with a book signing of Romanoff’s autobiography The Boy Who 
Would Be Tsar.  The grandnephew of Russia’s last reigning Emperor, 
Tsar Nicholas II, Romanoff is said to be the last living descendant 
of this royal lineage. 
20 February 2011



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